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††††††††† Since 1959 the Historical Society has remained dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of the rich cultural heritage of the Carpinteria Valley.  In recent years we have experienced a tremendous growth in the museumís programs, collections, and exhibits.  We do not rely on government support; the Societyís primary sources of revenue are generated through membership dues, memorial donations, endowment fund earnings, and fund-raising activities.  Corporate and foundation grants fund a variety of special projects and capital improvements

††††††††† Membership benefits include a subscription to our bimonthly newsletter, The Grapevine; discounts on fees for museum field trips and on purchases from the museumís gift shop; and invitations to special museum programs and events.  Interested members are invited to become acquainted with the research materials in the museum library, photograph archives, and oral history collection.

††††††††† Share in the exploration and preservation of the Carpinteria Valley's unique past.

      ††† Membership in the CVHS entitles you to:

  • A subscription to our bi-monthly newsletter "THE GRAPEVINE"
  • Discounts in the Museum Gift Shop
  • Savings on Museum Field Trips

ß         Invitations to Museum Programs and Special Events

        Your support enables the Society to maintain its important role in the educational and cultural life of the community.

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